I’m changing to my other tumblr now, because I want to. I hope all my lovely followers on alpakkay0 starts following this one as well.

All my posts will from now on be on, so please follow it, and make me a happy girl.

Follow me or I will SHOOT you;-)



Self-portrait by Four President.


Self-portrait by Four President.

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a-black-swan said: oh my, you have such a beautiful blog! its even better than lisejens! she would not answer me..... do you know her?

Haha, THANKS. Lisejen? I dno… She sounds retarded!

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haarek-deactivated20140723 said: damn, you're hot as fuck! good thing I get to see you naked on a regular basis ;)


Anonymous said: I Love Your Blog!!^__^ I Want To Reblog All Your Posts. XxXx

Haha, thank you! Who are you? :D

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